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Sook Mian, proud of her surname, Chiang.
I ♥ my family.
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I ♥ musics.
I ♥ psychology but I'm not a psycho.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011
How are you?

I am fine. No, not so fine.

1. I'm asking for more, more than ever.

2. So many things to achieve, yet so far.

3. It's always not the right timing.

4. Is it because of me, or because of fate?

5. Am I not feeling fear anymore, or I become care no more?

6. I need assurance.

7. Something that can't get by money is more upset.

8. Do we have to be always realistic?

9. Please tell me, what is good about me.

10. Everyone can be pretty, the less pretty ones are just lazy.

11. I wanna get away, for awhile.

Please let me be the Cinderella, for once.


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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

January 2010

My 2010 resolution:
1. My closest people be healthy and happy
2. love myself more
3. more courage to face challenges
4. the five of them to be just like before

I feel that I am doing great on them. :)

I did not had a BIG change for 2010, but at least SMALL change.
Try harder, in 2011!

Words, can't explains all;
The feelings are truthful.

I learned to be thoughtful,
I learned to be open,
I learned to be selfish,
I learned SARCASM,
I learned to be independent,
I learned to live for myself.

I did not write it on paper,
but I write in heart.

I want knowledge,
I want mature,
I want support,
I want a shoulder,
I want a hug,
I want status,
I want new challenge,
I want vacation,
I want Love.

The hidden should be revealed,
whether it is incomplete.


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Thursday, July 8, 2010
It's all about self

picture courtesy of google

Tears just float up from the deep sea to the surface.
You just realized that you've been so weak for so long, until you have been forgetting about it, until the pain is immune.
You are surprised that it is unhealthy, probably you have used to it.
But now you MUST change.
For 20 years you have been living with that, why are you still hiding all the pain?


People come and go in life,
why do you want to live for someone, or everyone but not yourself?
Yourself are the one who will live with you forever.
Make yourself happy.

Give credit to yourself.
You have done a great job!

picture courtesy of flickr

People always choose for various perfume.
You chose to live WITHOUT it.

Something good about yourself #1: going back alone during traffic jam without being emo.

Respect others,
respect me.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Very Very Belated First Moomoo

ahh cute lil' boy.

how dare i am to forget it's your birthday ♥♥

flickr by tracy raver
New semester, new knowledge.

I wish someone has a baby for me to test the validity of what i learn. =P

flickr by junjern
nature or nurture?

flickr by kathrynivy.com
Nurture makes you to eat even you're not hungry

I realize I have friends.

I may not the best, but i'm not worse.

People actually remembers me.

flickr by Green Horned Unicorn (Antonia Krajicek)
1. slow old with nate
2. Green Horned Unicorn to be success
3. live inspired each day

I'm having a good life.

courtesy by beanipet


♥ can i hug you to my dreams? ♥

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
words & thoughts

I begin to realize that here becomes a shelter whenever i don't feeling like doing what i am supposed to do (assignments, revision, reports);
a place to hide, escape, avoid, ignore. Just the few minutes to let myself daydream.
ok la it's actually always more than one hour. =P

I have been procrastinating since the beginning of the semester, still continuing now.
I don't feel the lack of time yet, but i know i should START to get my butt off the computer. Yet, human is always good in giving excuses "out of the box".
The book is just not tasty.

ah it's time to go to bed.

i'm not good in words, doesn't mean i have no good thoughts.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Half a month not appearing here,
started to follow the norm surrounding - no idea what to update here and no time.
Just the last report left, yet it's the most challenging one.
Had a really bad dream this morning, will have hard sleep for the few following days i'm pretty sure.
Perhaps i'm too much dependable.
Should have started to get use to them, there'll be more next year.

The most reading word of the month: MEMORY

Why one can't balance for all?
probably only me.
I'm just not a multi-task person.
I promise i'll care you more. <3

say bye bye to my long hair.

I wish i have more time for everyday

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

doing the last part of the case study, mood is not there.
so i am here.
This sem has been very lazy like pig, and yes my size is growing to be a pig too.
eat too much? No.
No exercise? As usual.
siu yeh? Sometimes i admit.
rootBEER? I doubt that.

I promised my parents to post this funny conversation to share with others.
They are just too cute.
Because they are my parents. =P

First, this gonna be Mommy's funniest quote of the year.

Mommy just changed her handphone.
So the tauke asked for her simcard to put into the new phone.

Lengzhai tauke: aunty lei bei ngo lei ge simcard.

Mommy: mat yeh card? ngo din wah mou simcard geh wor!!

{she misthought simcard as memory card, and she doesn't has memory card previously for the old phone}

A three seconds of silence and everyone laughed, the one who laughed the hardest was me. LOL

Daddy: Maxis hai lei geh hai mai? gam ba bai ngm sai simcard ge la??

--Daddy's gam gui--

His friend was fooling around, he managed to capture funny expressions.

Daddy: eh girl ah ba zhe ge zhao pian PO shang MAYBOK gei ren jia kan.

Me: har ah ba zai jiang duo yi ci, POST qu na li ar?


Me: XD

I don't wanna cry in front of you because I'll cry harder.
I want a big change for my year 20.

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